Please Read Before Contacting Us

Why do I have to pay to see my proofs?

We generally bring home anywhere between 3,000 photos from small shows to 15,000 photos from large shows. It takes many hours to go through all of the photos and edit them. By paying the upload fee we know who is interested in placing an order so we can edit specific photos sooner. We don't have/want to spend time editing those riders that have no intentions of placing an order. Therefor we cut the processing time back and are able to get to yours faster.

When will my photos be posted?

It generally takes an hour per rider to edit and upload photos. So if we have a lot of deposits it may take up to 3 days. It also depends on if we have other shows that come before yours. We will e-mail you when they are ready.

Why is it taking so long?

Unlike most photographers who do this for a living, I do not. I wish I could but to keep my prices affordable I work another job also. On top of working I have a family and my own horses and other animals to tend to. I wish I could sit at my computer for hours on end to get everything done in a timely fashion but I can't at this time.

Why do some people have more photos than others?

We try to take the same amount of photos of everyone but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. We are humans and like anyone that works with equipment, ours have malfunctions every now and then. We try not to miss people completely but we can't predict these things. During open shows we keep shooting no matter how many classes you enter. If you are only in one class you may only have 10 photos. If you ride in multiple classes you may have 30-150 photos.

Why isn't there an upload fee option for my show yet?

We generally wait until after the show to make albums with the upload fee in case of scratches from the show or if we happen to miss getting photos of someone. We wouldn't want you to pay the $10 only to find out we have no photos of you. It generally takes a day or more to sort all photos and make a list of the riders we photographed and make an album for each rider.

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